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Apr 4

Eleanor & Park still has my soul.

I’ve mostly been in relationships since my dating life started seven years ago. I feel like I have the girlfriend thing down. And I don’t freak out about being single either- I like my life, I like my friends, I like myself. My biological clock isn’t ticking, I don’t believe in soulmates, I’m not scared of being alone.

But the thing I suck at? Falling in love.

You’re supposed to enjoy it, right? There’s the butterflies and the late nights and the startling newness of everything. Those moments as you lean in close… you become hyper aware of the present… this is happening really happening… and everything is too fast and too slow all at once.

I get that. I do. It’s amazing and exciting and it feels a bit like a miracle.

But I also hate it. I like to think I’m in control. I don’t get angry and yell or throw things. If someone upsets me it’s extremely rare that I’d let myself cry in front of them… I can usually contain it if I want to. I am a firm believer in tact- I think carefully about how my words will be interpreted before I say them.

But when I’m in love… It all goes out the window. Suddenly I don’t know which words are the best ones. Suddenly I’m not sure of anything at all.

Eleanor & Park captures all of that. So if you like torturing yourself like that… which, obviously, I do… then read it. You won’t regret it.

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